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Rodrigo on Twitter!


It's really him, yes/yes?

His latest post, "Se eu chegar a mil followers até o final da semana que vem eu lerei o nome de todos em um video," reads, according to Google Translate, "If I get a thousand followers to the end of the week that I will read the names of all in one video!"

Those who have Twitter accounts, go follow him! If he does post a video reading our names, then it's really Rodrigo! :D
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Random: purple socks

Rodrigo and Natalie Portman are dating?

From JustJared

Natalie Portman & Rodrigo Santoro: New Couple?

Natalie Portman has been quite popular with the boys since splitting with rocker Devendra Banhart last September.

She has been dating Brazilian actor Rodrigo Santoro for about a month according to InTouchWeekly. According to a source, “They are trying to keep a low profile, but he is a very sweet guy. And to make things more interesting, Ryan Gosling has been in the mix as well. After splitting with Rachel McAdams (again), he’s been “texting her all the time and asking her to hang out,” says a friend.

Rodrigo, 33, has had roles in Lost, 300 and Che.

hello to you all

hello i,m marietta from the netherlands
i,m a big fan off rodrigo since i saw him in love actually
and since that i kept track on him looked for his dvds
and magazine clippings and so on over the years
ps i have double magazine clippings iff so one intressed lett me know
i,m living on my own and working 40 hours a week
Random: purple socks

New mod and Rodrigo news

Hi, everyone!

The community has been kindly handed over to me by our mod inviere so here I am! I'm Jess and I've been a fan of Rodrigo since Love Actually and he never left my fangirl list ever since; he's on the top spot, actually.

I've put up a new layout for the community, fixed the tags, and updated the profile page. If you see anything that has been incorrectly tagged, misspelled, or with broken links, feel free to give me a heads up.

I hope the community will be active as it was so post photos, icons, start discussions about Rodrigo and his upcoming films. (IMDB says he will star in two films this year, Black Oasis and Redbelt.) Suggestions on how to make the community active is also very much welcome. :)

OH and a bit of Rodrigo news: RODRIGO IS NOW SINGLE! He and girlfriend for four years Ellen Jabour has ended their relationship. *is still confused whether to make an :( or an :) emoticon*

Have fun, everyone!
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300 RiffTrax Released!

Mystery Science Theater's Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett have just released their lastest RiffTrax, 300!

A small band of brave men struggle against enormous odds, battling a superior force, and though ultimately they are defeated their sacrifice becomes a source of inspiration and hope that rings out like a clarion call through the pages of history. But enough about the Mighty Ducks.

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